Every ten seconds a child is abused in North America. Parents entrust their children and teenagers into the care of faith-based and nonprofit organizations every day.  All organizations who work with or provide youth-related programs must be responsible and aware of child abuse and the mandated reporting laws in your local jurisdiction.  Allegations of child abuse impact not only the victim; the entire organization and its reputation in the community can be damaged. Children, teenagers, parents, employees and volunteers all need to be provided with child abuse awareness and prevention training.

Azure Hills Risk Management Consulting can assist your organization in developing an effective child protection program.  A comprehensive plan would include a review of your current policies and operations, screening methods, reporting law compliance, staff and volunteer training and strategies for monitoring ongoing compliance with best practices.

Keeping children safe from abuse is a sacred trust. Azure Hills Risk Management Consulting can help your organization to keep children safe while they are under your care and your staff and volunteers free from allegations of misconduct.


Child abuse awareness and prevention programs for employees and volunteers to keep children and youth safe.